Local MCH: Strong and Determined

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CityMatCH staff took a moment to reflect in 2018, and we were once again amazed by the passion, optimism, and persistence of those who work to improve the health of women, children and communities. As we listened to our national membership and partners, it was clear that:

  1. Equity and justice are at the forefront of local conversations;
  2. Community voice (community members and those with lived experience) and science are being used in tandem to shape and influence local programs and policy; and
  3. A holistic approach to women’s health has a home in local Maternal and Child Health.

Our commitment in the new year is that CityMatCH will continue to promote equity and work to improve the health of all women, children, and communities across the nation. We will listen to our membership, associate members, and partners, and look for ways to incorporate we learn into all of our work. We will create space for learning, sharing, and supporting each other. We will communicate at a national level about the impact of local MCH work, challenges, and success. This issue highlights some of our current work, reflects on 2018, and celebrates the accomplishments of close colleagues.