Covid-19 Resources

CityMatCH has compiled a list of resources from local, state and national organizations with information, resources, and tools for handling COVID-19 and its impacts in your community, workplace, and home. Thank you to CityMatCH members and partners who have helped contribute to this list! If you have additional resources to share, please email us! Centers for Disease Control and…

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Local MCH: Strong and Determined

Read the full issue CityMatCH staff took a moment to reflect in 2018, and we were once again amazed by the passion, optimism, and persistence of those who work to improve the health of women, children and communities. As we listened to our national membership and partners, it was clear that: Equity and justice are at the forefront of…

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2017: Using Collective Impact to Address MCH Priorities

Download a PDF of the Collective Impact (2017) Issue Working in isolation, health departments can only do so much to impact Maternal & Child Health (MCH) priorities. In our latest cooperative agreement with the Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB), we began the Collective Impact Learning Collaborative aimed at aligning state and local priorities to address MCH outcomes. Through this…

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2017: The Well-Woman – Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice

Download a PDF of The Well-Woman (2017) CityLights Issue. The well-woman is found at the intersection of reproductive health, rights, and justice. To improve women’s health and health outcomes, the MCH field must begin to focus on the health of the whole woman and ensure a woman-friendly health system for all women at the local, state and federal level….

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2012: PPOR – 15 Years of Changing the Way Urban Communities Approach Infant Mortality

15 Years of Changing the Way Urban Communities Approach Infant Mortality For over twenty years, CityMatCH has strived as an organization to reduce health disparities and translate the science of public health to practice. PPOR has played a key role in our history by demonstrating that addressing feto infant mortality rates in a way that empowers the community and utilizes the available data is…

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Undoing Racism in Public Health: A Blueprint For Action in Urban MCH

Executive Summary Racial and ethnic disparities in health status persist and are even increasing in some areas. Eliminating health disparities is a sustained, strategic priority of CityMatCH, a national public health organization dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of urban women, children and families. Although public health is a relative newcomer to the field of “undoing racism,” CityMatCH’s…

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