Membership Leadership

CityMatCH is an association of local maternal and child health professionals who work tirelessly to address health inequity and injustice in their communities, so that ALL women, children, and families can achieve their full-potential. Our members understand that in order to turn the tide we must be more enduring than injustice itself.

Prospective Members

CityMatCH membership is FREE and is extended to all Maternal and Child Health (MCH) programs and leaders in city or county health departments' having jurisdiction over one or more urban areas with populations of 100,000 or larger. In states where no urban area has a population greater than 100,000, one city or county health department in that state will be granted membership. We encourage prospective members to join our community of over 160 member representatives (CityMatCH Board of Directors) from across the nation by contacting the CityMatCH office at 402-552-9500 or

Benefits of Membership

Membership entails a large number of benefits at NO obligation, including increased networking opportunities; access to grants and other funding opportunities; knowledgeable staff and resources on major MCH issues such as infant mortality, health equity, prevention of substance-exposed pregnancies, the FIMR/HIV methodology, MCH LifeCourse Toolbox, and core MCH leadership competencies.

Some of the highlights available to members (at no charge) have included Learning Network webinars on emerging MCH issues, reduced rates for the Annual CityMatCH Urban MCH Leadership Conference, opportunities for CityLeaders leadership training, access to national experts via the PPOR Learning Network, and breaking MCH news updates from our partners and colleagues. Membership also provides many rewarding opportunities for personal and organizational growth through speaking and training opportunities at national events and forums.

Associate Membership Others

Associate membership is FREE and open to all persons with an interest in urban MCH. To become an associate member, contact the CityMatCH office at 402-552-9500 or

Join us for the 2023 CityMatCH Maternal and Child Health Leadership Conference, in New Orleans, LA.

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