Abstract, Workshop, & Symposium Submissions

Submission Timeline

Submission Awards 

We are awarding poster submissions this year! The categories are as followed:

  • The Outstanding Poster Award: Program/Policy
  • The Outstanding Poster Award: Scientific Research/Data
  • The Innovation Award: Program/Policy
  • The Innovation Award: Scientific Research/Data
  • Exemplary Student Researcher 

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Submission Steps:

STEP 1:  Please read the submission description documents carefully. The documents explain the different options and acceptance criteria.

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All submissions will be scored based on acceptance criteria. Proposals will be reviewed on the strength of the following items:

      • Applicability and importance of the topic area for conference attendees
      • Qualifications of presenters
      • Completeness and quality of session agenda and content

STEP 2: Begin your submission 

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Suggested Topics

We welcome and encourage submissions on a variety of topics as they relate to maternal and child health, including but not limited to:

*Image description: A list of example topics that can be submitted, including but not limited to COVID, data, policy, equity, and intersectionality.

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