2021 Training Course in MCH Epidemiology

The 2021 Training Course Announcement and the Request for Applications will be coming soon! We will be making a location announcement at that time.

Training Course in MCH Epidemiology

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and CityMatCH are offering a Training Course in MCH Epidemiology as part of their ongoing effort to enhance the analytic capacity of state and local health agencies. The training course is an intensive program, combining lectures, discussion, hands-on exercises, and opportunities for individualized technical assistance. Several post-training webinars will serve to build upon and extend the content of the in-person training.

Content for the 2021 Course May Include:

  • Needs assessment and prioritization
  • Specialized multivariable regression methods
  • Performance measurement and trend analysis
  • Program and policy evaluation
  • Quality improvement analysis and reporting
  • Effective data presentation and translation

Who Should Apply?

This national program is aimed primarily at professionals in state and local health agencies who have significant responsibility for collecting, processing, analyzing, and reporting MCH data. This year, the course is geared to individuals with Basic to Intermediate skills in statistics and epidemiologic methods, preferably in MCH or a related field.

Note: Only applicants who work domestically and regularly analyze data rather than manage programs, will be considered.

If you have Intermediate to Advanced skills (mostly generate descriptive statistics with limited application of regression analysis), we welcome you to apply to next year’s course, and to review the online archived course materials from the 2020 Intermediate to Advanced course. If you are a program manager, please see the training links below for data users.


  • Coming soon

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