Undoing Racism in Public Health: A Blueprint for Action in Urban MCH (2004)

CityMatCH Undoing Racism Report (2004)

Despite considerable efforts, racial and ethnic disparities in health persist and are even increasing in some areas. Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities is a sustained, strategic priority in CityMatCH‘s work.  In 2004, CityMatCH published Undoing Racism in Public Health: A Blueprint for Action in Urban MCH.

This report aims to:

  • Examine the scientific basis for racism as a determinant of health status and health disparities, and institutional racism manifests in health care and health departments;
  • Provide an overview of existing directions, options and resources for “Undoing Racism;” and,
  • Outline a series of activities for a local public health-based Undoing Racism initiative, ranging from awareness to action.

Health Equity and Social Justice Action Group Established (2008)

In 2008, as a result of the recommendations from the report and the organization’s continued commitment, the CityMatCH Board of Director’s formally established the Health Equity and Social Justice (HESJ) Action Group.  The Action Group’s mission is to: 1) Guide the organization through learning experiences to better understand institutional racism and how it manifests in the world around us; 2) Identify barriers within and beyond the CityMatCH organization, and create a safe environment to discuss the issue of racism openly and honestly; 3) Identify HESJ strategies and related training opportunities to benefit CityMatCH members; and 4) Assure that CityMatCH weaves HESJ through all products and services. You can visit the Action Group page to learn more and become involved.