Reproductive Justice Action Group

Reproductive Justice Action Group— CityMatCH believes in empowering women to have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about their gender, bodies, sexuality and families. The newest CityMatCH action group examines how local-level MCH professionals can gain an awareness and understanding of the Reproductive Justice Framework and how to use this framework to impact programs and policies at the local level.

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    • Reproductive Justice Toolkit
    • Reproductive Justice Checklist for programs (ongoing)

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Tell us what you are doing to advance reproductive justice in your health department or community by tweeting us @CityMCH, or sending us an email.


Looking At Public Health Campaigns through a Reproductive Justice Lens (Action Group Call - April 5, 2018)
Reproductive Justice Toolkit
Reproductive Justice Action Group Members (2018)
CityLights: The Well-Woman: Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice (2017)



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