CityMatCH Toolkit for Policy Development

Letter from Vice Chair

Dear CityMatCH Members:

The CityMatCH Policy and Communication Action Group undertook the task of producing this on-line toolkit in response to the needs of our CityMatCH members for assistance with policy development. The framework for this product was developed by the Policy and Communication Action Group (formerly Best Practices and Policies Action Group) and the toolkit was written by Marilyn Ingram with the generous support and expert feedback of the Action Group.

MCH leaders need to be involved in the policy arena so that public health values, evidence, and beliefs are brought to the attention of our elected officials with compelling arguments, science, and data. Policy development is a critical MCH leadership competency, whether you are working on policies internal to your organization or broader community policies that ensure the funding streams and conditions needed to improve the lives and wellbeing of the families, women and children we serve.

On behalf of the CityMatCH Policy and Communication Action Group, I challenge you to read and incorporate these tools into your work. Included in the toolkit you will find models for strengthening relationships with community collaboratives; advice on how to present to legislators and other key decision makers; tips for how to work with the media, and examples of how our members have succeeded in developing and implementing policy change in their communities.

We hope that you find this toolkit both inspiring and useful and we applaud all your efforts on behalf of families, women and children.

Cynthia Harding
Vice Chair
CityMatCH Policy and Communication Action Group

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