Carol Gilbert – Assistant Professor

Carol Gilbert, Ph.D., MS (she/her/hers) has been with CityMatCH since 2004. Carol enjoys working with local MCH practitioners to help them make data useful for their communities. She is interested in data sources, methods, and training needs for local communities working on reducing health disparities.


She has a Masters in Applied Mathematical Statistics, and a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area (with coursework in Health Services Research, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Health Promotion from the University of Nebraska). Her dissertation research was on vital records data quality and an update of the Perinatal Periods of Risk approach (PPOR).


In addition to much work with vital records and PPOR, she contracted with the State of Nebraska to analyze PRAMS data for many years and has used HCUP, BRFSS, and census data for academic projects.

Join us for the 2024 CityMatCH Leadership and Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference in Seattle, WA.