Marilyn Johnson – Director of Operations

Marilyn Johnson, MBA (she/her/hers) excels at leveraging her business mindset with public health passion to drive successful programs, positively impact the local community, and address healthcare inequities.


Before joining the CityMatCH team as the Director of Operations, Marilyn worked at the Mississippi State Department of Health (13 years) where she led the development of insightful, innovative projects to improve or kickstart healthcare initiatives. She enjoys mentoring and directing vital programs to enact lasting change and inspire a new generation of public health leaders.


In her free time, Marilyn loves crafting, reading, and writing poetry & short stories. Marilyn has served on various boards and committees. Her overall work in diversity, equity, and inclusion has positioned her as a tireless leader for those who have been marginalized by public health for generations.


She believes strongly in giving back to her community and fostering sustainable relationships to encourage change across healthcare fields.

Join us for the 2023 CityMatCH Maternal and Child Health Leadership Conference, in New Orleans, LA.