Erin Schneider – Director of Development & Continuous Quality Improvement

Erin Schneider, MSW is CityMatCH’s resident social worker, although her work at CityMatCH is firmly centered in the field of public health. Serving as lead Project Coordinator at CityMatCH in the area of perinatal HIV prevention, she guides work on the FIMR/HIV Prevention Methodology and assists sites with the implementation as well as utilization of the Methodology. She has a strong interest in early childhood education, given her previous employment as the program manager for an early childhood intervention program and as a project manager on a state-level child abuse prevention project for the University of Kansas. She previously resided in the Alaskan bush town of Dillingham, where she enjoyed snow shoe excursions and salmon fishing while being employed as the deputy director of a behavioral health center. She is happy to be part of the CityMatCH family after returning to her native Midwest and her favorite team, the Jayhawks.

Join us in Providence, RI Sept. 23-25 for the 2019 CityMatCH Maternal and Child Health Leadership Conference