About the Life Course Game and Facilitator's Kit

In the Life Course Game, participants are led through an interactive experience, designed to illustrate key concepts of the life course framework. Specifically, participants receive birth certificates at the start of the game that identify socially- and biologically-based historical factors that help determine their course in life. As they work their way through the game board, each person's roll of the dice identifies risk factors and protective factors that either push down or lift up their overall health trajectory and life course. The game concludes with each player rolling the dice a final time to determine their end-of-life outcomes (retirement projections, years-of-life remaining, etc.)

Discussion will follow for participants to share their experiences with playing the game, the risk and protective factors that affect their lives and the lives of those they serve, and an opportunity to discuss ideas and strategies for incorporating a life course perspective into their lives and their work.

This Facilitator's Guide provides detailed instructions for conducting and playing the Life Course Game. The Guide also includes a series of discussion questions for debriefing the game and beginning a conversation around integrating the life course perspective into communities.

When to Use the Life Course Game Facilitator's Kit

The Life Course Game can be used in a variety of settings, including in a large plenary, a community meeting, a classroom, or a training session. It has been used by professionals to raise general awareness of the myriad of risk and protective factors that determine a person's life course (poverty, race, environment, etc.) in community groups, with health care providers, and with students. Others have used the game to begin conversations about translating life course theory into public health and clinical practice. Though these are the most common uses for the game, CityMatCH has worked with groups who have used the game in broader venues and outside of public health (e.g. one community used the game to talk with after school providers about incorporating a life course view into their programming).

How to download the life course game kit

gameboard_big Each game Kit should include a Life Course Game (allowing up to 10 players to play per game board).

The following items are included in each game:

To play, you will also need

  • Game Pieces (5 each)
  • Dice (2 each)

Printing Instructions

The Life Course Game was created and developed by CityMatCH, and may not be resold or distributed for profit. For questions about copyright, please contact Mark Law at mlaw@unmc.edu or 402-552-9500.


For more information on the Life Course Game, please contact the CityMatCH offices at 402-552-9500.

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Each person's health and well-being reflects the cumulation of their own unique prior history.
--Kotelchuck M. Building on a life-course perspective in maternal and child health. Matern Child Health J. 2003; 7:5-11.

2011 National Health Information Awards
CityMatCH is proud to announce the Life Course Game was selected a winner in the 2011 National Health Information Awards. This program recognizes the nation's best consumer health information programs and materials. The Life Course Game received a Silver Award. The National Health Information Awards program, the most comprehensive of its kind, annually recognizes the nation's best consumer health information.