Special Reports

CityMatCH special reports include in-depth print and online publications, podcast interviews, and issue briefs focusing on key MCH areas affecting the health and well-being of urban women, children, and families. In recent years, CityMatCH has publicized special reports in the areas of Adolescent Health, Health Equity, and Women's Health, to assist members in learning about these fundamental MCH issues, review the leading related health topics, and most importantly help them take action to ensure the health of the urban women, children and families in their communities. Special reports are products of partnerships, collaborations, and committees comprised of CityMatCH members, funders, and partners who share a common interest in building a knowledge base, gathering promising strategies, developing tools, and influencing policies for state and local MCH programs. For more information about the Special Reports in each of these issue areas, please click on the accompanying links on the right-hand side.

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