HRSA Funding Opportunity: Child Safety Network Program

Published Date: 
Monday, January 12, 2015

HRSA released a FOA for the Children's Safety Network Program. The purpose of this cooperative agreement program is to reduce fatal and serious injuries among infants, children and youth by 100,000 over the next three (3) years by increasing the adoption of effective child safety interventions at the national, state and local levels.  Increased implementation of evidence-based policies, programs and practices through collaborative improvement and innovation models are expected to lead to a measurable improvement in child safety among the maternal and child health populations.  Specific objectives for the program include:

·   Produce measurable improvements in child safety by reduced injury-related mortality, hospitalization and emergency department visit rates.

·   Increase the adoption of evidence-based state and local policies and practices, which demonstrate effectiveness in keeping infants, children and youth safe from injuries. ·   Integrate effective prevention strategies into standards of practice among systems that serve the infants, children and youth at highest risk.

·   Increase alignment among public and private policies and programs to more effectively and efficiently keep children safe, enhancing the long-term sustainability of protective strategies advanced through the program.

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