Seeing It Through-Preventing Fetal & Infant Deaths

Vol. 14
Year of Publication: 

For over a half century, the U.S. had edged steadily closer to preventing most infant deaths. Eliminating persistent racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality was a common goal being pursued actively by most communities. Then, in 2002, to the surprise of many, decades of decline ended.

The bad news was that the overall rate of infant mortality in the United States had risen from 6.8 infant deaths per 1,000 live births to 7.01. Those long engaged in the battle to lower infant deaths were sensitive to the trying complexities of this persistent MCH problem. While their many efforts had not waned, the will of stakeholders essential to making significant changes in access and quality, and taking on the underlying social determinants of infant mortality, had. In places large and small it was asked, "Have we done all we can do?" "What else can we try that hasn’t already been tried?" Read more... All rights reserved©