Natural Place To Address Early Adversity

Vol. 22
Year of Publication: 
Adverse Childhood Experiences, Local Maternal and Child Health, Toxic Stress, Resilience

It's becoming more common knowledge and less break-through finding. Early-in-life exposure to an adverse or traumatic experience is linked to poor later-in-life health outcomes and these experiences are far more common than we once knew.i, ii As the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) research body continues to grow, so too does the need for work that prevents and mitigates the effects of exposure. Is there a ‘natural place’ to address early adversity? This issue of CityLights sheds light on local Maternal and Child Health (MCH)—people, initiatives, and collaborations that already reach women, children and families in some of our nation’s most vulnerable places (urban communities)—as a “natural place” for addressing early-in-life exposure to trauma. The issue highlights the work of five CityMatCH Member Health Departments (Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Milwaukee, and Pasadena) and how these teams are addressing early-in-life adversity in their communities. All rights reserved©