Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR)

Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR) is a comprehensive approach to help communities use data to reduce infant mortality. Designed for use in US cities with high infant mortality rates, PPOR  brings  community stakeholders together to build consensus and partnership based on local data. PPOR provides an analytic framework and steps for investigating and addressing the specific local causes of high fetal and infant mortality rates and disparities.  Initial analyses are based only on vital records data (births, deaths, and fetal deaths); later steps utilize all available sources of data and information.


The Perinatal Periods of Risk Approach has six major steps :

  1. Assure Analytic and Community Readiness;
  2. Conduct PPOR Analysis (Phases 1 and 2);
  3. Develop Strategic Actions for Targeted Prevention;
  4. Strengthen Existing and/or Launch New Prevention Initiatives;
  5. Monitor and Evaluate Approach; and
  6. Sustain Stakeholder Investment and Political Will.

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