Collective Impact Learning Collaborative

Collective Impact Learning Collaborative

The Collective Impact Learning Collaborative aims to increase local urban health departments’ capacity to implement Collective Impact strategies to address Maternal and Child Health priorities at the community level. Cohort 1 began their work in January 2016. Cohort 2 kicked off in January 2017. We are NOW recruiting for Cohort 3, which will begin in October of 2017. 

About CILC

The Collective Impact Learning Collaborative is a MCHB-funded effort in which CityMatCH will provide training and facilitation to 3 cohorts, each consisting of 10 urban, local health departments. The technical assistance will provide health departments with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to implement Collective Impact in their communities. Working in isolation, health departments can only do so much, but with the partnership of other sectors and community members, they can do much more to improve Maternal and Child Health. 

Five Conditions for Collective Success
1. Establish a Common Agenda
2. Adapt Shared Measurement Systems
3. Contribute to Mutually Reinforcing Activities
4. Engage in Continuous Communication
5. Establish a Backbone Support Organization
Cohort 2 Cities:

Los Angeles, CA

Portland, OR

Omaha, NE

Tulsa, OK

New Orleans, LA

Detroit, MI

Cleveland, OH

Atlanta, GA

Bronx, NY

Clearwater, FL

Cohort 1 Cities:

San Luis Obispo, CA

Salt Lake City, UT

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Worth, TX

Milwaukee, WI

Nashville, TN

Peoria, IL

Rhode Island

Tallahassee, FL


Join us for an informational call: 
March 21, 2017 from 12-1 p.m. CST.
Number: 866-740-1260
Access Code: 5529582










































































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