CityMatCH Membership

Active membership in CityMatCH is FREE and open to all urban local health departments. For more information, please visit our Prospective Member page.

CityMatCH Region Map

Member Health Departments

Organization Name
Health and Human Services Department, City of Portland
North East Region
Portland, Maine
Hillsborough County Health Department
South East Region
Tampa, Florida
Houston Department of Health and Human Services
South Central Region
Houston, Texas
Ingham County Health Department
North Central Region
Lansing, Michigan
Jefferson County Department of Health
South East Region
Birmingham, Alabama
Jefferson County Public Health Department
North Central Region
Golden, Colorado
Kanawha-Charleston Health Department
North East Region
Charleston, West Virginia
North Central Region
Aurora, Illinois
Kent County Health Department
North Central Region
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Kern County Department of Public Health
West Region
Bakersfield, California

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