Data Use Institute

The CityMatCH DaTA Institute was a team-based, nine-month training program promoting the translation of data to action.

Goals of the DaTA Institute were to:

  1. Increase individual and team knowledge, skills and attitudes on how to use data effectively
  2. Develop an MCH leadership team to influence how the organization(s) use(s) data
  3. Use data to influence policy and program decision-making and strengthen MCH practice within public health organizations

Through a combination of on-site learning, distance education, technical assistance, and coaching participants received training on data use skills in nine competency areas including: Scientific Thinking; Data Methods; Informatics; Political Strategy; Program and Outcome Monitoring; Assessment Strategy; Decision Making; Data Politics/Data Strategy; and, Planning and Needs Assessment.  By participating in the training each team gained skills that were then able to be applied to a project of importance in their community. 

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