Friday Agenda

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September 19-Friday

Agenda Date/Time Scheduled Events Room Assigned
07:00 am to 12:00 pm
Registration Phoenix C Foyer
07:00 am to 08:00 am
Breakfast Phoenix C Foyer
07:00 am to 08:00 am
MCHEP Evidence Based Practices

(closed meeting; invitation only)

Camelback B
08:00 am to 09:30 am
SYM-F3: Symposium: Improving the Knowledge Base for the Hidden Half of Infant Deaths: Stillbirth Surveillance and Etiology
Breakout Sessions F

Carol Hogue
Erica Lee
Lauren Christiansen-Lindquist
Debbie Haine Vijayvergiya

Moderator: Carol Hogue

Download the presentation here

Deer Valley
08:00 am to 09:30 am
ABS-F4: Live Long and Prosper
Breakout Sessions F

Moderator: Kristin Rankin

  • Where roads converge: creating a statewide mortality review system
    (Sarah Blackwell)
  • Fremon county Wyoming FIMR pilot project: a state, tribal, local partnership
    (Ashley Busacker)
  • What is driving FIMR: a qualitative (quantitative) comparison of fetal and infant deaths in Douglas county
    (Mary Balluff)
  • The lifelong project: a positive faith-based initiative to reduce infant mortality in African American communities
    (Dixie Morgese)
Paradise Valley
08:00 am to 09:30 am
ABS-F1: Make Change Happen through Innovative Methods
Breakout Sessions F

Moderator: Ashley Hirai

  • Birth defects prevalence in Wisconsin, 2007-2011: a comparative analysis
    (Elizabeth Oftedahl)
  • Using Medicaid data and advanced linkage methods improves newborn hearing screening follow-up
    (Hsinyu Wang)
  • Labor complications, birth depression, and neonatal encephalopathy in the asphyxial pathway to cerebral pasly among term births: applying the G-estimation in a matched case-control study
    (Qing Li)
  • Are relationship-focused and structure-based capabilities different in a medical home? A mixed delphi and structural equation model-based approach
    (Adam Carle)
Laveen A
08:00 am to 09:30 am
ABS-F2: Improving Planning and Measurement: Reproductive Health
Breakout Sessions F

Moderator: Anjani Chandra

  • One key question: integrating reproductive health into primary care
    (Michele Hunter)
  • Contraceptive counseling and postpartum contraceptive use
    (Lauren Zapata)
  • Reproductive life plans: a pilot study
    (Pamela Xaverius)
Laveen B
08:00 am to 09:30 am
ABS-F3: Using and Improving Surveillance for Maternal and Infant Health
Breakout Sessions F

Moderator: David Laflamme

Desert Sky
08:00 am to 09:30 am
F-1: Workshop: Life (Course) Can Be Tough: A Skills-Building Workshop to Tackle Some of the Toughest Life Course Indicators**
Breakout Sessions F

William Sappenfield
Andria Cornell

Moderator: Caroline Stampfel

08:00 am to 09:30 am
SYM-F1: Symposium: Striving to Improving Global Maternal and Newborn Health Outcomes through Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation, Clinical Epidemiology, and Capacity Building
Breakout Sessions F

Isabella Danel
Howard Goldberg
Florina Serbanescu
Jean Domercant

Moderator: Isabella Danel

Maryvale A
08:00 am to 09:30 am
SYM-F2: Symposium: Excellent Bedfellows: Preconception Health and Health Care Data, Research, and Practice
Breakout Sessions F

Sarah Verbiest
R. Louise Floyd
Cheryl Robbins
Renaissa Anthony

Moderator: Sarah Verbiest

Maryvale B
09:30 am to 09:45 am
Break Phoenix C Foyer
09:45 am to 11:15 am
PL-5 PLENARY: Social Determinants of Health: Programmatic and Policy Options for Action**
Plenary (2014)

Alonzo Plough
Patricia O’Campo
Christina (Kiko) Malin

Moderator: Arthur James

Phoenix ABC
11:30 am to 12:00 pm
Conference Closing Phoenix ABC
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
Exhibit and Poster Set-Up Phoenix DE
12:00 pm to 02:30 pm
CityLeaders Post-Conference Training

(closed meeting; invitation only)

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