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PPOR Activities

Perinatal Periods of Risk "How to Do" Workshop
Healthy Start PPOR Level 2 Practice Network Meeting


Navigating through a complex array of learning opportunities can be safer and more rewarding if you don't try to do it alone. To aid conference participants on their Expedition, CityMatCH once again incorporated "Navigation Teams" into this year's meeting.

Activities included a series of team-based exercise woven throughout the two-and-a-half-day meeting. Using CityMatCH developed tools and strategies, participants had the opportunity to enhance their skills related to important MCH leadership issues. As a team, they developed products that have utility beyond this meeting.

All conference participants were assigned to a "Navigation Team" comprised of up to 10 individuals with whom they learned and worked throughout the conference. Teams were provided with a Navigation Team Leader as a guide, a team journal to chronicle their adventures and a "campsite" to meet and share their experiences.

Journal Highlights

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