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Welcome to the Abstract Instructions page for the 2017 CityMatCH MCH Leadership Conference and Healthy Start Convention! We welcome abstracts for two separate tracks: “Scientific Research and Data” or “Program and Policy.”

Whether it is your first introduction to CityMatCH or you've attended many CityMatCH conferences over the years, all interested persons and organizations, including Healthy Start grantees, are encouraged to submit an abstract. CityMatCH also encourages abstract submissions focusing on the prevention of Zika virus transmission and mitigating the effects of Zika virus in MCH populations. Examples include pregnancy prevention programs with a specific focus on Zika, programs developed for children born with microcephaly, or emergency preparedness activities related to Zika.

We recommend that you prepare your abstract in advance, following the instructions below. Please read through the instructions below before starting.


Abstracts will be selected for oral and poster presentations based on acceptance criteria and subject matter. Please read through the abstract requirements & instructions to inform the composition of your abstract.

  1. View abstract requirements & instructions
    1. Presenter/Author Information
    2. Content
    3. Acceptance Criteria
    4. Award Categories
    5. Precis Instructions
  2. Click "Begin Submission" and you will be taken to the Precis Abstract Submission website.
    1.  If you have not used Precis before, you will need to register before you can begin.
    2. Fill out the online form to submit the abstract.
      1. See “Precis Instructions” for how to navigate the submission program
      2. See “Abstract above” for more information on abstract requirements
  3. Finalize submission
    1. In Precis, you need to go through the process of “finalizing” your submission after “submitting” it
      1. See “Precis Instructions” for more information
      2. Precis allows you to make changes after submitting, until the abstract submission deadline. Please see timeline.




12/15/2016 Submissions Open
03/01/2017 Submissions Close
04/01/2017 Notification of Acceptance (Oral/Poster/Rejected)
06/01/2017 First Agenda Available

** Note: dates are subject to change.**


Begin Submission

Click to begin your submission. Clicking this link will redirect you to the Precis Abstract submission site. Begin your submission once you have read the instructions and prepared your content.

























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