Become a Mentor

"The opportunity to inspire the next generation of leaders not only insures a competent work force for the future, but also gives hope that some day those of us who are in the trenches will be able to retire." 
- Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge, Chair of the CityMatCH Board of Directors' and Director of Family, Youth, and Infant Health at the Metro Nashville Public Health Department

What is Mentoring?

  • Mentors provide advice and guidance based on their own expertise or experience.
  • Mentors and the person being mentored are usually in the same field or have followed a similar career path.
  • Mentors assist with networking and making valuable connections.
  • The focus of the Mentor/Mentee relationship is career success, advancement, and intergenerational exchange of ideas.

Who are CityLEADERS Mentors?

CityLEADERS Mentors are seasoned and senior maternal and child health leaders with a desire to provide advice and guidance with emerging and mid-level leaders in the field. Year One CityLEADERS identified the following traits that make a good mentor:

  • Time availability
  • Broad MCH knowledge base
  • Supervisory experience
  • Good listening skills
  • The ability to ask important and challenging questions

What do Mentors “Give”?

To have the most impact, CityMatCH believes mentors must be prepared to give the following:

  • Attend an orientation lunch with the CityLEADERS and staff and meet with your individual Mentee during the CityMatCH Conference
  • Devote time to regularly mentor a designated CityLEADER, including at least one 30-60 minute conference call per month throughout the program (8 months)

What do Mentors “Get”?

CityMatCH gives back to the mentors by providing the following:

  • Increased individual knowledge in selected domains of urban MCH leadership, including mentorship
  • Access to newly available leadership resources
  • Opportunity for intergenerational transfer of ideas with emerging and mid-level urban MCH leaders

Become a CityLEADERS Mentor

If you have questions regarding mentorship or would like to become a mentor, please contact: Mark Law ( or 402-552-9500. All rights reserved©